Hiring dev to build a feature similar to subreddits

I own a general gaming forum and the idea of users creating their own groups for any niche, big or small, is a must. Groups don’t work that way and tags are just ways of organizing posts. I’m looking for someone who can create a group plugin very similar to BuddyPress groups or subreddits. The idea is for users having the ability to create their own communities to thrive and for the website to be seeded with various content. This can be less dramatic with people being able to create their own public chat group (visible to everyone) for people to check in, similar to iFunny chats, even Kik chats. Is anybody working on a plugin similar to this?

$500. If the plugin you design is well beyond my expectations I’m willing to spend upwards to $1000.

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But categories do. People wont be able to create a new category by themselves, but you probably wouldn’t want them to anyway so what I’d do is setup some channel through which people can apply for a new category (anything between http://area51.stackexchange.com/ and sending you an email).

What is it you are trying to do, if not organize posts? If it is access rights you are worried about, you can achieve that by combining categories and groups (group membership grants read/write access to categories).

As for the question in your topic title: #marketplace


I respectfully disagree, that’s not of my liking. That is why I’m here to hire a developer to create such a plugin that could also benefit the rest of the Discourse customers who would like to try this out.

Please post your budget, so prospective devs can evaluate your proposal.


Would it make sense to automatically create a category whenever a new group is created (and name them the same)? Permissions would be set to only allow group members to post there. Then you’d let anyone create a group as long as they’re over a certain trust level? Would group creators also need to be category moderators?


How can I do that; set the trust level to 1 to create a group and for a category to be automatically created for each group? Sounds interesting.

Regardless of the specific use case here, that would definitely be a great feature to have:

Does your budget vary between $100-300 or $1000-$3000?. Hint: It needs to be the latter.


$500. If the plugin you design is well beyond my expectations I’m willing to spend upwards to $1000. It needs to be atleast exactly like the subreddit feature on Reddit. My site needs subreddits rather than categories. It may be against Discourse’s motive but not my motive, after all it’s my website. Discourse is just a platform/service to build my website, and I host it.

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