[PAID] Theming and new feature requests

Hello there,

We are looking for a capable Discourse dev that we can build a longer term relationship with. Our company and wider developer community is run on Discord and Discourse, so we take these tools seriously and would like to improve them. We do open source and are willing to fund improvements to our Discourse (eg through Open Collective). Generally anything we fund to be built, we would like to share with the community.

Here is a list to give you an idea of the kind of things we want to do. (The first one is pretty critical and time sensitive)

  1. Theme to match the look and feel of our new landing page https://fission.codes
  2. Theme continued: Bring Backlinks up to a more prominent area, like in a Tool for Thought (eg. put post-links-container up into the topic-navigation sidebar)

More complex features:

  1. Enhanced Checklists
  2. A more robust Markdown editor
  3. Ethereum login
  4. Discourse plugin for OpenCollective

If any of these interest you, let me know where I can view your portfolio and what your rates are.



(post blocked me from adding more than 2 links, so let me add them here)

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Last one!

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Hi there,
I am interested to take this up, sending you a PM

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I have had a couple of people ask me in DMs to flesh this out a bit more.

When there is an internal link Discourse link, at the bottom of the post there is the post-links-container which shows that the post or comment is related to something else in the same Discourse. Ours currently looks like this: just an <hr> with a list of links with little :link: icons)

to be continued…

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We would like to make this much more prominent, and take our inspiration from Tools for Thought (TFT) apps like Obsidian, Roam, Logseq there will be a “Linked Mentions” area in the sidebar:

So as soon as you open a page, you can see what other pages the page references, what are other related articles to read.

So, we could just style it and maybe give it a title to make it more obvious that there are related articles, but I am also thinking we try and move it to the top right, above the Table of Contents to give it more visibility.

Hopefully this makes sense. If you have any more questions or concerns, ask away

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Btw, I am away next week for 3 days, but just keep sending me your DMs. I might be slow but I will reply. Then the following week I would like to do some follow-ups and come to a decision. Thanks all!


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