[Paid] Toggle switch for Dyslexia Font

What would you like done?

My community has some dyslexic users, and it occurred to me that a font such as Dyslexie Font - Better reading for everybody might make my community more comfortable for them. Thus, all I need is a toggle switch, somewhere in their profile, to enable that font instead of the website default.

When do you need it done?

As soon as reasonably possible.

What is your budget, in $ USD that you can offer for this task?

I’m willing to pay about $100, but if it costs more I can stretch.

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I’m interested, I’ll send you a pm :slight_smile:


Not a member of your community but I am dyslexic and I find that font sets my dyslexia off indeed all such supposedly dyslexia-friendly fonts cause me problems!

I don’t dispute that - there’s not a lot of scientific understanding of dyslexia out there. I am aware there are studies saying that changing the font doesn’t do anything - but at the same time, there are browser extensions for it and people anecdotally swearing that it helps them. So… I’d just like to provide the option.


Being worked on by @Alexander , thank you

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The job is completed, @Alexander has been paid for the work. He did an excellent and very fast job, and I am thankful for it.


You’re a cool person, OP.

I hope it helps folks in your community. :+1:


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