[PAID] WordPress entire user base sync to Discourse

What would you like done?
We would like to have our entire WordPress user database synced to Discourse. We are familiar with the feature that newly registered users have to log in to WP and it will be synced to Discourse automatically. We want to have our current existing users synced to Discourse as well. This can be done using a cronjob.

Our current Discourse community can be found here.

When do you need it done?
As soon as possible.

What is your budget, in $ USD that you can offer for this task?
We are happy to see your offer in regard to this task.
Please send me a PM if you’re interested.

Thanks in advance.

This marketplace thread is still active. Looking for more interested people.

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You can’t receive PMs. Please email jay@literatecomputing.com


I’m still interested in someone who is able to sync our user base from WordPress to Discourse.

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Thanks everyone.

@ghassan did the job and all users are synced.

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