[Paid] WP + Discourse user authentication for IRC or other chat

What would you like done?
My Ubuntu 16.04 server has wordpress and discourse installed (wp-discourse & SSO) alongside vestacp/nginx and i need some way for the users to authenticate with a chat (IRC, slack or discord) so only they get access. I would prefer IRC and this might require installation of ircd like InspIRCd with Anope services but it might also be possible to use a free IRC network like rizon.net if the authentication can be done with a bot alone.

For example in some websites users can set irckey in their account settings and then authenticate with a bot to get access: /msg Botname enter #channel username irckey

When do you need it done?
Within 2 weeks.

What is your budget, in $ USD that you can offer for this task?
100-200$ depending on how easy the solution will be.

Solved (10-5-2017):

Inspircd with Anope would be a pretty straight forward solution as Anope has a mysql_authentication module.

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Interesting i think yes it is some kind of database setup, if someone can do it let me know.

Bear in mind we already have a Slack Login plugin:


And Discord also supports OAuth2, so making a plugin for it should be doable with your budget.


@erlend_sh doesn’t that require users to register an account for slack in their site? I would prefer registering in my site/forum and then authenticating into a chat.

Ah, you want Discourse to be the parent SSO provider:

Yeah, in that case OAuth2 plugins like that Slack plugin don’t matter. And an open source solution like IRC or Mattermost would surely be easier to work with than proprietary chat software, as they’re unlikely to let another application act as the SSO authority. That’s commonly an Enterprise feature.


Have you seen the babble plugin?

@erlend_sh yeah registering should happen in wordpress or discourse side.
@pfaffman yes but it’s not what im looking for, need a proper chat like IRC.

I can definitely pay the full price if ircd is installed. This seems to be another module on InspIRCd side that could be used: https://wiki.inspircd.org/Modules/2.0/sqlauth

Replicating this seems like the most straightforward solution:

  • Add a custom field to a user’s profile which can be accessed via the API, for the IRC key
    • You’d maybe want a plugin to ensure random keys are created
  • Create an IRC bot, which queries the API, and if the key matches, invites the user to a private channel

Yes i think it is something like that, plugin to create random keys is not a must though if the field can be blank and filled after.

https://rocket.chat could be used maybe? (open source chat with OAuth and API support)

Possibly. You’ll have to pose that question to them.

I contacted a bunch of people and no one responded, but i may have found a way to integrate rocket chat:

Will try it with wordpress as the SSO provider for discourse and report back…


I was able to succesfully authenticate wordpress users into Rocket Chat (with WP as SSO provider for discourse). See details here i posted as Bluer-RC user.



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