"password too short" on vbulletin import due to migratepasssword plugin

I’m running a vbulletin import. I’ve got a few users that are failing because the password is too short. I’m confused beacuse though the vbulletin importer does do this:

   password = [user["password"].presence, user["salt"].presence].compact.join(":")

That shouldn’t be trying to create a real Discourse password, should it?

For now I’ve modified base.rb to not raise an error if the user isn’t created. Hopefully these aren’t important members. :wink:

Here’s the record causing the error:

Error on record: {:id=>46237, :name=>"ValidName", :username=>"ValidName", :password=>"ba3a7d6fd01adb600a8c57894931f4b6:PCmoKyv_pF-D}bXomgB+ugN[??70Sk", :email=>"wahtever@yahoo.com.ar", :merge=>true, :website=>"", :title=>"Amateur", :primary_group_id=>42, :created_at=>Tue, 30 Apr 2014 21:57:51 UTC +00:00, :last_seen_at=>Wed, 31 Dec 1969 16:00:00 UTC +00:00, :post_create_action=>#<Proc:0x00005653d822c2c0@script/import_scripts/vbulletin.rb:181>}

It’d be great if I could figure out how to catch these and “fix” the password. I just can’t tell what’s wrong, though.

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It turns out that it’s due to the migratepassword plugin as discussed here: