Patreon login loop on some devices

Hi -
I’ve gotten stuck in a login loop (I’m admin) on my iPhone, where trying to log in via Patreon gives me “Authorization timed out, or you have switched browsers. Please try again.” I’ve not switched browsers. I don’t have those problems when using my desktop computer.

Also getting this error from someone trying to login via laptop:
“LOG IN. Sorry access to this forum is by invite only. {icon] With Patreon” then "KNITTY. Discourse integration would like to: " When I click “Allow” it goes right back to the LOG IN message.

I’ve got the API correctly set up, according to your info page. Now what? I’m not a Dev, so am doing the best I can.


If your forum is set to ‘invite only’ this is the expected response if a user who has not yet accepted an invite email to your site attempts to login to the site through Patreon. If you would like any user who has a Patreon account to be able to signup for the site, you should disable the invite only site setting. That setting is found at the top of your site’s Login settings.

Could you try logging in from your iPhone using private browsing and see if that makes a difference? Details for enabling private browsing can be found here: Turn Private Browsing on or off on your iPhone or iPod touch - Apple Support.

Let us know if this doesn’t solve the issue for you. If it’s still not working I can give you my private email address to send an invite to. I’ll then be able to try logging into the site and see if I can reproduce the issue.


The Patreon login issue seems to have been resolved by clearing cookies on the iPhone.

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