Discourse-Patreon Integration allows login but says "Sorry, access to this forum is by invite only"

I followed the instructions to connect Discourse (clough42.discourse.group) to Patreon (clough42) but my patrons are unable to log in.

When I click “Update Patreon Data & Sync Groups” in Admin->Plugins->Patreon, it displays a message saying new data has been downloaded.

I have mapped the patrons group to all of my reward tiers, including $0 - Free.

I have given the patrons group access to all of my categories.

When I click “Send test” on each of the three enabled webhooks, I get a response with Status code 200.

I can open an incognito window and log in to Discourse using Patreon (using a separate personal account that is a free member of my patreon) and when the login completes and comes back to Discourse, it displays “Sorry, access to this forum is by invite only.”

What am I doing wrong?

When I look at the patrons group in Discourse, it has zero members.

Do I have to wait for an automatic update to sync? Does the “Update Patreon Data & Sync Groups” button not do that?

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FYI, I just received a report that one of my paying patrons went through the integrated login and saw the same “Sorry, access to this forum is by invite only” message.

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Is your Discourse site hosted by Discourse on their Basic plan? If so, I think sites on that plan are automatically configured to be “invite only.”

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I’m on the free creator plan. My understanding was the invite-only was what I want, and then users access it through Patreon. Did I misunderstand?

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Your understanding is correct, except that when a site is set to “invite only” users can only create accounts by clicking on a “invite link.” Clicking that link takes them to a different registration page than the normal Discourse registration page.

So with your current configuration, if the user who clicks the “Login With Patreon” button on your site has already accepted an invite to the site, they will be able to login. If they have not yet accepted an invite to the site, they will get the “Sorry, access to this forum is by invite only” message.


Invites have to be initiated from within the discourse site if your site is invite-only. Patreon subscriptions can’t bypass that requirement.

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Oh, thanks! Yeah, that was the issue. I think I’m up and running.


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