Patreon 7-day-trial and Discourse integration

Hi there,

we run a Discourse forum, where only paying Patreon members have access to. We have successfully set up the Patreon integration a while a ago and everything has worked just fine so far. Paying Patreon members were automatically added into a Discourse group with access to locked categories and everybody had a great experience so far.

This is the tutorial we used:

The issue

Recently we have enabled free 7-day-trials on Patreon and it seems like those trial members are somehow not automatically added to the member group on Discourse.

We have checked the documentation and support forums for Patreon and Discourse, but found no clue, from where this issue comes from and how to resolve it.

We have reached out to the Patreon support and they just said:

Your integrations and webhooks will be given access to free trials just like paid members. Each integration may be different in how access is granted and removed,


  • Has anyone else had such an issue with the Patreon 7-day-trial and Discourse?
  • Have we maybe missed a Discourse setting somewhere?
  • How could this issue be resolved?

As a Patreon feature that is newer than our integration it isn’t surprising that it doesn’t work right away.

Are you hosted by us or self-hosting?


@Falco Thank you for your reply. When you put it that way, it sounds pretty logical.

Our forum is hosted by you.


We currently don’t have any availability to fix this issue, but I have added a pr-welcome tag here in case some from the community is interested in posting a pull request with a possible fix.

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