Patreon SSO Login Button is confusing

I was looking around and saw I should ping @awesomerobot about this. If I’m wrong, my apologies, and please point me in the right direction.

Is there any way to make the Login with Patreon clearer that that’s what it is? I just started with discourse, already have a Patreon account with ~40 people, but a lot of them are getting really confused about that Login with Patreon button.

On mobile, it doesn’t really look like a button, just a header, so they try to enter their Patreon email and password and hit the standard login button.

But even on desktop, it’s not too clear. At least, not for not humans. I know for us devs it’s perfectly understandable.

Alternatively @codinghorror, or anyone else, is there a way to add text to that login box to give directions? Maybe it’s there and I just can’t find it in the settings. Could someone point me in the right direction if it is?

Maybe make Patreon the only way to log in and disable local logins? (After you’re sure you can log in as an admin through Patreon)

All text is customizable–navigate: /admin /customize /text content

From there it’s a fishing expedition; search for words that are likely to be the name of what you want to change or words that are in the text that you want to change.


Nice idea, but that doesn’t work for me. I allow Patreon’s spouses to also join the community, so I need the regular login. Plus, my wife is involved and she’s not a Patron either.

As for the text changing, that would be helpful, if there was text there. Right now there’s not. I need something to change.


I suppose I could inject some html using GTM though… just thought it might be handy to solve the underlying issue rather than bandaid it. I’m sure my Patrons aren’t the only ones who are confused by this.

Patreon icon is not aligned well after the recent layout changes. Thanks for the report. I will take a look.

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No problem. On mobile I think it’s even less clear:

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This is fixed by recent changes in login popup and font awesome 5 icon update.