Pending Users Show Up in Users Page

We have set up discourse, so that we need to approve users. However, even when the user approval is pending the user still shows up on the users page (/u), even for non-logged in visitors to the site, non-admins etc. Am I missing a setting here? Why would pending users show up on a users page without approval?


Interesting, can you repro this @dax?

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FYI, in our case here where we discovered the issue, the user signed up via the Facebook login. Not sure if that matters or not.

I can repro this issue, but only if I set the timestamp to “Today”:

Default Timestamp set to Week (but I also tried other timestamps, All Time, Year, Quarter, Month with the same result)

Timestamp set to Today:


Any idea what is causing this issue? I’m not sure why you only were able to repro it for “Today”, but that could be because you create the user today. I can confirm that problem doesn’t go away after one day. Thoughts? Doesn’t seem like the user page respects the pending users restriction.

I tend to agree that pending users shouldn’t show up in the user list. Can you add this to your list @neil for next week?


Fixed! After deploying the fix, the user directory will be updated within 24 hours (but should be pretty soon after deploy).


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