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Okay, so I’ve pretty much settled on using Discourse for a planned forum I intend on making. I have friends who will be joining and hopefully, within a few years, be a fairly strong community.

Here’s the thing, I don’t get it. I mean, I get Discourse, and it’s freakin’ awesome. I just don’t get “cloud”, “hosting”, and “servers” etc. has prices on what seems like page views and various features…
Pricing « DiscourseHosting

Bitnami mentions nothing of the like, rather, you pay for servers…

Yet, both do something very similar???

I guess I’m looking for someone to please explain the difference here, cause I just don’t get it.

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If you aren’t familiar with “cloud” hosting, or even managing a Linux server, you should stick with DiscourseHosting. Bitnami requires some maintenance on your part; things like applying server updates and securing the OS. DiscourseHosting is more of a Saas model.

DigitalOcean vs DiscourseHosting
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Thank you!! :smile:

May I ask, what is the “page views” referring to?? How would I possibly estimate how much taffic my forum gets?? I’m running everything myself, so I’d be concerned to somehow get too much, and have to pay through the roof or something.

I guess what I am asking is, is 200,000 page views (there $20 per mth option) a lot?

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It’s a pretty hefty amount for a new community. After you get your initial site configured, you’ll want to add Google Analytics or some other tracking tool to the instance. This will give you insight into traffic patterns and trends and should make that 200,000 number a bit more clear.

You can always upgrade later, as your community grows.

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You’re helping me out big time man. :smile:

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The easy answer: if you don’t know how much page views you’re getting, you are below 200,000.

We’ll notify you waaay in advance before you even start getting close to those 200,000 views, and it’s not a hard limit. We NEVER bill you for a higher plan unless you explicitly upgraded.

Not to shamelessly plug our solution, but we pretty frequently migrate very frustrated Bitnami users to our platform.

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I have been trying out your site. Love it, and I’m almost fully signed up brother… Just sent you an email to sort out any potential “problems” (which I highly doubt there be any tbh) :smile:

Tried Bitnami, try only gave me a 1hr trial!!! :frowning: Can’t get anything done in 1hr!!! I’m not a ninja. lol

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At we migrated from BitNami to DiscourseHosting. We have a lot less headaches now, and DH has provided great support. I would recommend them.