How do you like Communiteq?

Hello all. We are wondering how you like Discourse Hosting Dot Com? We have a site that currently gets around 1.5m users per month (Screen Shot on 2019-02-12 at 11:12:43.png • Droplr) and we need something robust and preferably managed.

Would you recommend Communiteq (formerly DiscourseHosting) for us or something different like I assume only a fraction of our regular users will be forum users. Thoughts? Thanks in advance!


Been with them for two years. Albeit, my traffic is tiny compared to yours, but I can safely say that:

  1. Most issues are resolved in 3-4 hours MAX. I think the longest I’ve waited (only once) was around six hours. A vast majority of tickets are handled super fast (1-2 hours)
  2. Uptime is amazing, we never had a crash/downtime (unless it was planned) that I was aware of.
  3. Pricing is great (compared to - I know it’s good to support the creators, but I honestly don’t have it in the budget. My instance would have already ran 300 p/m here, where it’s 98 over at DH.
  4. Everything is managed. Since I know nothing about these things, this is a must.

I recommend them 100%. If ever offers competitive prices I’d jump on it, I’d love to support the community. But for now, it’s DH for me.


We run a few large communities hosted by They have been awesome! As a company that moved from Jive and spent hundreds of thousands annually before moving to Discourse, I have no issue with their pricing.

They are extremely responsive to what we have, what we want and the issues we run into. We have never had appreciable downtime even for maintenance.

They have even gone above and beyond to help us get up and running.


Hi @Travis_Hedrick,

Discourse Hosting (@RGJ) is a fabulous host. Wonderful customer service, excellent uptime, professional. I strongly recommend them!

That said, I absolutely loved the customer service and performance of the official Discourse hosting. When you have an issue, the access to be directly in touch with the engineers who write the code is a pretty special perk of going with the Discourse hosting.


Wearing my Community Manager hat, not my Team Discourse hat.

The two downsides of Communiteq (formerly DiscourseHosting) that I’ve experienced are long wait times for upgrades (many months before you get new changes) and inferior hardware (still functional but I’ve had disk space issues and have finally decided to pull pin and move).

Other than that, it’s all good. If budget is an issue I’d certainly recommend them.


On the $20/month Basic plan your forum is indeed “stuck” to the stable branch. Updates on stable are generally applied within one week though.


Micheal, do you have any clients/forums that are seeing the same traffic as us? And we are exponentially growing. Again, I assume only a fraction of our regular users will be forum users. Thoughts? Thanks in advance!

Certainly. Obviously, the “fraction” and the amount of exponentiality are important factors.

Please PM me or use the contact form on our website if you have any specific questions.


We have now our forum a few years with Communiteq (formerly DiscourseHosting), and no problems so far!
Always fast with there replies and always helpfull. No matter what, i recommend them for everyone who is thinking about switching, and for those who don’t: Switch :wink:


My forum has been with Communiteq (formerly DiscourseHosting) for over a year, and the experience has been great. Emails to support are returned quickly, and the one issue we had with performance (many months ago) was rectified very quickly and has never recurred.

Very pleased with them and would recommend without reservation.


Yeah, very happy with DH.

We do have the occasional hiccup, might be that has slightly fewer issues. But… they are always on the ball, respond in a timely fashion and they really do know what they’re doing. They are an active part of the Discourse community here and that is also a big plus to me.

We are running a (very heavily) modified Discourse instance on their enterprise plan and they’ve always been willing to help us out when needed.

Can very much recommend them, regardless of price.
Though if you are price-sensitive, the fact that they are 1/4th the cost of will also weigh heavily.


I’ve been a Communiteq (formerly DiscourseHosting) customer for almost a year. I messaged with @michaeld before purchasing, and he is very knowledgeable and responsive. Support is good (when I’ve had questions) and I’ve never had a problem with the service. For my traffic, I pay $20/month, whereas it would be hard to justify paying $100/month with the official hosting.

The only drawbacks of Communiteq (formerly DiscourseHosting) that I can think of are:

  • has a distributed team and so your questions and support requests might get answered faster.
  • Optional features like “reply by email” are automatically provided by (that’s my understanding), whereas I had to do some minimal setup to get that working with Communiteq (formerly DiscourseHosting).