Per-category ads with official ad plugin

(Jay Pfaffman) #1

How difficult would it be to have the ad plugin customize ads on a per-category level? Is that something that might be added to the ad plugin at some point?


Sounds like a good idea but I haven’t heard customers asking for it. Are you getting requests Jay?

(Jay Pfaffman) #3

I’ve got one. It’s a site where categories are geographical areas and people are likely to be interested only in particular areas.

(Robert) #4

Bookmarked and requested.



I think you can do that with key-value targeting in Google Ad Manager. i.e. when the url contains /c/california-mineral-rights show these relevant ads, or something to that effect.

(Robert) #6

We sell our own ads on a separate portion of our site, but I would like to be able to add subtle banners in our forums,

subtle as it doesn’t take much to make the natives whine, or phone users, they seem to be easily upset :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: