Per-category post approval

Some categories are more sensitive than others. For games / products with Technical Support sections, it’s not uncommon to see topics with little-to-no information or rants in disguise. Maybe in a History forum, there’s a political history section that gets targeted by new members itching for political arguments. Every community generally has categories that attract unwanted posts.

Discourse provides a handy way to lock down new members where all of their posts need to be approved up to a certain amount, but unfortunately this locks down all categories. Now we run into issues like a new user wanting to ask a question about the game in users-helping-users. They’re not going to wait a few hours to a day for the post to be approved – they’re going to pick up a new game instead. Or maybe an IT forum stagnates because no new users are joining once they see they have to wait a day to participate in general discussion.

Neither locking down everything to post approval nor having no post approval is ideal. It would be awesome if we could configure post approval per-category.


This feature is nearly done :wink: please track progress here: