All topics in a category should be confirmed before publication


I’m pretty new to discourse, i’ve spent half of my life using phpBB and really common thing/extension for it was to make it able to force all new topics in given category to be confirmed by moderator before the publication. It’s usefull for categories which has a strict rules about their title / body (like event directory for instance) or are vulnerable to topics containing some content which shouldn’t be there and can cause a legal troubles.

In my scenario, i need it for events directory to make sure each topic created has a proper title set (i have a strict topic rules to make it able to fetch the event topics by a third party tool) but the second scenario might also happen. On the other hand, i don’t want to prevent new users from posting topics in there as, in theory, anyone should be able to add an event there.

A perfect solution would be the one available in other forum software which i mentioned before - force confirmation of all new topics for a category. Is such thing possible / on a roadmap? If not, is that possible to achieve it with a plugin?

Thanks in advance.


Yeah, this is not a feature we have yet, but I totally support a per-category setting of “requires approval”.

I am putting a #pr-welcome on two per-category settings:

  1. Require moderator approval of all new topics (default off)
  2. Require moderator approval of all new posts (default off)

I’d like to take a crack at this if no one else is working on it!

Below is a mockup for the view: added two checkboxes under the “Security” tab of “Category Settings Modal”.


I have also considered integrating this into the group can... operations UI, but that may be a bit confusing. Because a certain group needs permission to create/reply first, before this setting kicks in.

There won’t be other UI changes. Open to suggestions, cheers! :muscle:


Why aren’t they in the settings tab?

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I am a bit torn about in which tab they should be.

After looking through the existing options in all tabs, I am leaning towards the security one. Also, I plan to implement it similar to the permission options in the security tab.


any headway on this? we need a “user made tutorials” category that don’t go public till staff approves

So put them in a less public category and switch to a public category when ready?


Doesn’t work as well if you have LOTS of such categories. For one, it’s perfectly fine doing this way.

And you can’t prevent people seeing the topics. If they can’t see, they can’t create.

If this is a requirement, you could use messages to a group responsible for handling confirmation. If the post is okay, the message could then be converted into a public topic.


@xrav3nz any plans to implement this in future releases ?

Frankly I forgot why I didn’t finish this :sweat_smile: will take another look this week, sorry about that!


Here’s a PR :wink:

The new settings are still in the “Security” tab:

but I am still a bit torn between “Security” and “Settings”; let me know what you think!


I think the end of settings is a better spot, it’s kind of rare to need this and going to security is very common


Moved to “Settings” tab!


Note, there is a bit of “scope” confusion here cause posts can be both replies and topics.

Can you change it so we have “Require moderator approval for all new replies”, that way there is 0 overlap between both settings.


As I was playing with the feature today (locally, on my fork), I realized a user can “bypass” the new topic approval setting by initially posting in an unrestricted category and then recategorizing it.

:thinking: Any suggestions on how to approach this, if it’s something we should address?


Perhaps we break this into v1 and v2? v1 will handle new topic/reply creation in a category. Normal users cannot move a reply, so only topics have the ability to “bypass” this. Once v1 is merged, you can work on v2 to handle the recategorization edge case.

As for how to handle v2, I think the simplest option would be to prevent users from recategorizing the topic to a category that requires approval. Same way users can’t recategorize a topic to a category they don’t have “create” permissions in. A more complicated option would be to display the category as an option, but display a message indicating the new topics require approval, and to flag for moderation if they need the topic moved.


There is already a recategorization edge case around category notifications that @tgxworld is working on.


A simple workaround is not allowing the OP to recategorize to these unless staff, a harder limit would be not to allow any recategorization to this category unless staff


This is now complete: