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We have no way of debugging this without seeing logs.[/quote]

Yeah, this happens rather frequently. Telling people to include logs, repro steps etc. pp. in their bug reports gets boring quick, and I feel like a simple sticky doesn’t get the job done.

Maybe the new user tutorial popup could be used for this? Have a per-category popup that replaces the generic popup but takes its display criteria and text from the category. Criteria should obviously be tied to the category, e.g. number of topics created in that category; or presence of a badge, in conjuction with a badge such as the ‘Bug Reporter’ here on meta.

Would that be a feature for v1.1 or a plugin?

I think long term I would like to see a “template” per category, that way when you create a say “support” topic it prompts you for all the relevant info. Eg:

  • Is this a Docker install
  • Did upgrading to latest resolve the issue
  • Any relevant info in /logs
  • Where is this installed

And so on.

I do think this is probably plugin material. At least initially.


With templates, I’ve made the experience that non-techies take them too literally…

Describe the bug? “It crashed.”
Expected behaviour? “It doesn’t crash.”

Also, I think templates are a bit more limited in scope while category specific tutorial popups could be useful in more varied situations. Or perhaps that’d just mislead admins to micro-manage their users… :confused:

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