Use default topic template for features and bugs


since I’ve learned here that categories already provide topic templates, I’d like to suggest to use them for the #feature and #bug category here on

I’m not sure about its format entirely, so I just took a Github issue template from Icinga and modified it a bit for Discourse.


From my experience, it is not always clear enough, which problem we are actually talking about. Playing “ping pong” to find out about the environment, possible involved tools and ideas only existing in the user’s “brain”, is time consuming and sometimes exhausting.

I could imagine that such a default topic template could help in here, to remind users which details are important, or how to generally format their “story”.

I’m generally a friend of chapters and headings when describing a problem. This allows everyone to follow and pick the relevant details. Especially the context and additional information on versions and specific browser insights helps a lot.

One thing which is complicated with the template - one sometimes doesn’t understand how HTML comments work, and why they are hidden in the main view. Although I’ve seen many users just adopting it and leaving it like it is.


<!--- Provide a general summary of the issue in the Title above -->

<!-- Please make sure to read first -->

## Expected Behavior
<!--- If you're describing a bug, tell us what should happen -->
<!--- If you're suggesting a change/improvement, tell us how it should work -->

## Current Behavior
<!--- If describing a bug, tell us what happens instead of the expected behavior -->
<!--- If suggesting a change/improvement, explain the difference from current behavior -->

## Possible Solution
<!--- Not obligatory, but suggest a fix/reason for the bug, -->
<!--- or ideas how to implement:  the addition or change -->

## Steps to Reproduce (for bugs)
<!--- Provide a link to a live example, or an unambiguous set of steps to -->
<!--- reproduce this bug. Include configuration, logs, etc. to reproduce, if relevant -->

## Context
<!--- How has this issue affected you? What are you trying to accomplish? -->
<!--- Providing context helps us come up with a solution that is most useful in the real world -->

## Your Environment
<!--- Include as many relevant details about the environment you experienced the problem in -->
* Version used (Admin - Dashboard):
* Enabled plugins (Admin - Plugins):
* Browser name and version:
* Developer tools errors:


Topic templates aren’t particularly effective in my experience – they are certainly no magic bullet. The type of people you would want to read them, rarely do, and for those that know what they are doing, they get in the way.

I would only do this if there are certain very mandatory things you need in each topic, like serial number or something.



I get your point, the many who feel disturbed by such a template will just ctrl+a&del the content. I do that sometimes as well, when the structure doesn‘t fit.

I know too little about this community til now. From reading threads I‘d say you do not really need it, as this platform has a totally different conversation “flow” and is more a chat than issue discussions. I love to hear what others think, and won‘t be sad if you do not apply it :slight_smile:

Still, I hope such a template helps others who might have been looking into the same for their setup. It took me quite a while to find the perfect template for github, you likely have only one shot amongst established readers :wink: