Per leaderboard scoring values

At the moment, the scoring values are shared across all of the scorable categories. I wonder if your roadmap includes the ability to set a particular category or even multiple categories (we could get even more granular with topics), with a different set of scoring values.

For example, one category in our forum is having little to no discussion, hence, by setting a higher scoring value for said category, we could (hopefully) increase the number of discussions within it. Hope it make sense :sweat_smile:


@Falco How difficult would it be to add category scopes at the leaderboard level rather than the plugin level?

We would love to show leaderboards based on specific category contributions. For example, we have two products that our users use, and one is much more prominant than the other. Because of this, users who are active in the lesser-used product category aren’t getting as many points as users in the other.


That’s in our long-term vision for the plugin, where we would move all the global settings (categories and weight multipliers) to work in a per leaderboard way, instead of affecting the whole instance. This would mean every user would have per leaderboard scores and would allow use cases such as yours.

It’s a reasonable feature, but it’s something I estimated as a mid-level effort in engineering resources. So we would need an Enterprise customer willing to sponsor the feature for it to be assigned resources.


Do you have an estimate in hours?


From the top of my head I’d say 40h.