Is it possible to create a leaderboard for a specific category + tag?

We’d like to create a leaderboard for people who participate in topic and posts for particular category and tag.

Is that possible?

I see that groups is an option but it would be tricky to group people who are participating and include them in the score. Perhaps we could do that retrospectively for people who create topics and posts and like posts in the category + tag combo, yet we’d still miss people who score points for reading/visiting. :thinking:

If not, is there a data explorer query we could run.


I would love to see this as well…

a self-serve leaderboard would also be cool, so you can set the parameters and the time period. That way you could just make a category leaderboard or a leaderboard that shows the top leaders for 2023 so you can compare your position year over year and do yearly awards based on that static page.