Performance deleting post in large topic



Deleting or restoring a post in a large topic (the one I saw this happen with had about 56K posts) caused performance problems for nearly 10 minutes.

I was getting 504 timeouts during that period.

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I’ll confirm that time frame.

our instance monitor captured an outage starting at 1032(GMT-0400) lasting until 1039(GMT-0400) today where response times for our discourse instance were > 15 seconds. I don’t have data on whether those were simply exceptionally long requests or whether they would generate a 504 error as the monitor times out at 15 seconds and records the site as offline.

An earlier outage occurred at roughly 0942(GMT-0400) and lasted until about 0954(GMT-0400) today according to our monitoring site.

Monitoring data is available for the affected day here (CSV formatted)


Yes, that period coincided with the same activity. The 1032EDT was a test to confirm that my action was the cause.

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i always forget that. for maximum clarity edited with offsets to GMT

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Fixed per:

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