Performance to the various sidekiq queues, which to use for plugin

So I have an internal* plugin that user to manage user accounts. Right now the jobs that this runs are run in the default queue. They are not small jobs and can take 5 or 6 minutes to run and run hourly. Because it runs in the default queue it blocks quite a few other jobs while they run. So my question is should I run this kind of thing in on of the other queues.

*Must like with SSO in discourse our username is really just a login credential name as we have true id number that links to our ERP among other systems. This true id number is what we use to represent that a users it that person and not someone with the same login name. So have wrote my on tool for managing the users in discourse based on a feed from the ERP.

Yeah long running low priority stuff should run in the low queue.


Sweet. That is what I will do.