Permission based user card pictures

Currently, on the forum I’m on the ability to upload a user card picture is turned off. I was going to suggest that it could be worked on a permission basis. So the following could happen;

Visitor: Nope - not allowed to upload their own card picture.
Members: Yes, are allowed to upload their own card picture
Staff: Yes, are allowed to upload their own card picture

The reason why I think this is really handy is because on the forum I’m on, visitors of the site have restricted access and there is a large amount of people signing up/viewing the site. Due to the site being strict against adult content/inappropriate content, it’s vital they don’t upload something stupid as their card picture.

Members of the site (again on the forum I’m on) are trusted members of the community, they have a more extensive access and can take part in internal discussions. They are more trusted so it would be ideal to have it for trusted members/staff

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Oh wait I misread this. I think you might want the “flag user profile” feature.

It is not a bad idea as there are a fair number of human spammers who sign up and edit a lot of spam into their user profile including avatar (will be a company logo of some company they are spamming for) and background image.

This does not ultimately matter since

  • we never link anything from a new user profile (links are there, but won’t work)
  • we don’t even show the About Me field on a new user profile

But it is very annoying.

This wouldn’t work for our particular site. Users can sign up through an external site ( In the 500’s maybe thousands probably a whole ton more, Moderating them all isn’t practical so the staff of the forum just turned it off. A shame for internal users of the forum because we can’t have fancy things.

Hence why I suggested this idea. It would work so much better to just have the user card pictures on a permission basis. The basic visitors signed into the site wouldn’t be able to show inappropriate content

Yeah, the primary concern with the ROBLOX Discourse forums is that the audience is younger. The staff prefer to be proactive instead of reactive with moderation, so reporting after the fact wouldn’t fit our needs – we just had a major shift in our parent site to go away from reactive moderation.

The ideal would be able to limit user card / profile picture uploading to trusted users (manually invited members – anyone above new user) so that we don’t run into issues with someone uploading a nsfw profile picture / user card and then exposing younger users to that when they view likes or poll results.

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I am totally comfortable gating this feature by trust level, so site admins can select what trust level users are allowed to upload profile images or user card images.

min_trust_level_to_allow_profile_background: default 1
min_trust_level_to_allow_user_card_background: default 1

#pr-welcome on that


Just wanted to bump this to check if this feature is added to the latest version of discourse before I revive my topic with this suggestion on our forum.

A pr for this is merged to the master