Personal chat currently unavailable?

I’ve just lost all of my personal chats here on meta, if I try to restart a conversation I get a ‘Not available’ error.

Not able to reproduce this; I can see my list of personal chats & was able to send one to a real-world friend of mine.

Yep it’s back now here on Meta.

Also just observed it on an instance I host which was updated in the last 30 minutes:
Screenshot 2022-11-03 at 9.45.49 AM

Just to add, on this other instance I can restart chats but the history is gone.

Is this related to the migration of chat from plugin to core?

Didnt experience this on anything we migrated so far. And chats is definitely here on meta.

Do you have anything in logs? Especially during migration?

@flink91 Could this be related to last refactor?

I guess if the post migration didn’t run properly it could lead to some weird behavior (as the ruby code will try to find DMChannel records which don’t exist anymore) but I’m not sure how this could be related to losing the whole history :thinking:

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@Stephen if you add a chat with someone you had a conversation in the past does it populate with the history?

Oh “not available”

Can you post some screenshots. This looks like it could be some permission change on our side?

Did the history come back in the end?

The two occurred on different instances at the same time. One was here on meta (conversations disappeared, received an error) the second was a self-hosted instance which was upgraded at the same time.

I ended up restoring a backup to get people working again so I wasn’t able to keep testing.


Mine disappeared here on Meta for a small while during the swopover, but everything came back again shortly afterwards. I thought a similar thing may have happened on your other instance too (I’m ever the optimist :slight_smile:)

As there were no other reports, and it seems likely it was limited to that particular update, am I good to close this out?