Personal message chat list is too long

Can you expand a bit, is the list too long, she we cut it at top 20-30?

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Yes it is. Mostly — for me and in my forum anyway — personal chats have quite short TTL, one day and so. After that those channels are just unnecessary noise.

Most of users are using mobiles and then even 20 channels is really long list, especially when, for example, 15 of those are not alive.

Easiest solution for a user is ability to close and exit unnecessary personal chats. How easy that is technically… not a slightiest clue. But that option is needed.

Or chance to disable totally personal chats. That is an option too, because personal chat is somekind overlapping to (with? I really hate english prepositions :rofl: ) PMs. Chat is faster, though.


yes, it really is. Same reason twitter allows people to leave DMs. Some people are trollish/creepy (even if they don’t know it)…

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I can think of 2 options here:

  1. We can introduce a hard limit here of say 25? discourse-chat/chat_channel_fetcher.rb at 2d91ea83fb26082ed073daa8032fb2443c300e05 · discourse/discourse-chat · GitHub very easy one line fix, but I wonder if we should allow site operators to make it a bit longer or shorter if they wish via a site setting.

  2. Discussed a bit with @joffreyjaffeux but we would like and X button on hover. This is ideal cause you would easily be able to prune the list as you see fit.

Also ties in to the request to support muting and blocking cause in some cases you may want to opt out … but opt out hard.


I made initial work for this here:

I will wait for Mark to be around as I expect it will require multiple refinements.


We have further refined this, can you try out latest and let us know how it feels?


Why is this ping me now :thinking:

Anyway — that hasn’t be any issue after we got possibility to delete channels.


Sorry about the out-of-the-blue notifications, the #chat-plugin category is being retired and I’ve been moving things around. :slight_smile:

Is it working much better for you now?


Well, nothing bothers me (except time stamps in english, but I can live with those — even all of you should move to metrics and 24 hour clock :rofl: )

Yeah, cleaning is always bad idea :wink: