DM list limit

I can see only 20 users in the DM list.
New message are not visible. I have search user to see their messages.
Do we have any limit on this? can we change it?

Can you elaborate what you mean here?

In the DM list I can see only 20 chats.
If one more user sends a chat message it is not visible and I will not get to know if I have received a new chat message.

May be there is some limit

We do have a hard limit of 20.

This definitely feels like a bug, but we’re not seeing it. Which version are you on?

latest - 3.3.0.beta

Is there any option to change it?
If I have already 20 chats unanswered and I get the 21st chat
1st chat will not be visible?

There’s a setting: chat_max_direct_message_users that defaults to 20. Sorry – not a hard limit of 20, but 100 is the max you can go.

I’m not sure why you’re not seeing the new chat messages. The other things I can think of is perhaps you have something sitting in front of your app that’s causing you not to receive updates.

I have set it to 50

This is still not working

Can you please elaborate what is still not working? You need to be precise for us to help you otherwise this is not useful at all.

Are you able to set the site setting chat_max_direct_message_users?

If it’s for chat notifications, this topic is a duplicate of Bug with chat notifications not showing up and I would be closing this topic in favour of that one.

I have set chat_max_direct_message_users to 100 but still I can see only 20 chats in the DM list.
If I have already 20 chats unanswered and I get the 21st chat
1st chat will not be visible?
How can I change this?

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I think we have a better idea of what the issue is now, and we’re looking into it. :eyes:

chat_max_direct_message_users controls how many users can be added to each DM rather than how many DMs show in the channel list. I think you can reset that setting back to the default as it will not affect the problem you’ve raised. :+1:


Hi @JammyDodger
Are we planning any update for this?