Personal Social Analytics and Reputation Graphs for Discourse Forums

We have got Discourse forum support in our Aigents project as shown on this video:

So far we have done half of work (except SSO and content analysis part).
But the existing personal social analytics, reputation computation and graph analysis appear already operable and can be used (say in “alpha testing” mode).
More information on how the personal social analytics and AI-powered news syndication work for other online environments and be found in our blog: Aigents with Anton Kolonin – Medium
We will have more official announcement of the release during the week.
Anyway, we are interested to learn if such feature could be valuable for those who use Discourse forums in their projects and what else can we do to make it even more usable! :slight_smile:
And thanks to @Jay91 for supporting this idea in the other thread.

Here is the official announcement:

Discourse social analytics and reputation graph analysis with Aigents

Empowering the community with personal social analytics and reputation studies.

The ability to perform personal social analytics and reputation studies within most major online social media platforms are severely limited by API restrictions guided by privacy protection and internal monetisation models where socially-relevant user-generated content is consumed by market analysis and advertisement businesses.

Users who are consuming the features of these platforms “ for free ” are limited in their ability to use personal analytics tools and platforms like Aigents©, even if this analysis concerns only the closest environment of the users themselves and does not affect the privacy of the others.

That is why we are looking forward to applying the Aigents machinery to more democratic online environments like Reddit and now Discourse — where preservation and protection of privacy do not prevent users and communities to make sense of their own interaction data.


Could you explain with simpler words what is it exactly and what purpose can it serves? I tried to read your article but I don’t really understand what it is about (also English isn’t my first language).

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Hi, the original ticket is here: Discourse support · Issue #7 · aigents/aigents-java · GitHub
It does:

  1. Building profile for a user based on their Discourse activity so the profile may be used in Internet search and monitoring on behalf of this user (by users themselves);
  2. Give users reports on their Discourse activity and present the reports in tabular form in HTML as well as graphs with graph analytics options;
  3. Compute reputation levels of the every level in the community based on Weighted Liquid Rank algorithm (extension of Page Rank) which can be used for discovery of influencers and followers and social studies available for the every users.

Have you watched the video above?