Graph interface for Discourse

Has anybody attempted to load discourse metadata about users/topics/tags/badges into a graph?

I’ve seen so many graph vizzes of twitter networks but I’ve yet to see one using Discourse instance data…

This would be an awesome, alternative way to mine the discourse corpus beyond tags/search.


Was about to ask this. It would be cool to see analytics about your forum. For instance, a graph showing the number of user accounts that were created each month since my community started in May, or how many flags moderators have received over the course of the last 3 months.

Something similar to this?


Wow, I like the UI! But I was looking for something more like graphs where you can see the stats over time.

Hey there @Swang007, are you looking for something like this?

If you are, you can export the data you need via the Data Explorer Plugin, or directly from the Admin interface, import it to a spreadsheet program like Excel, and get a nice quick chart…


Yes, that looks promising! I forgot to mention that I’m not an admin on my community’s discourse page, I just moderate it. Is this available for moderators as well? Otherwise would there be a tweak in the Data Explorer Plugin that would allow this?

I am not sure about the Data Explorer Plugin, but I am also just a moderator and got all the data I needed via a basic export from the Admin Dashboard. If you click on any of the stats in the Dashboard, you can select the time period you wish to view and then export it directly to a csv file. Then you can open it via the spreadsheet view of your choice and create the graph there.

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Just what I was looking for, thanks!


Yes, check out: Community Network Visualisation

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