Personalization Plugin

We have been thinking about how we could extend Discourse to have personalization through a plugin. Our site caters to mainly 3 types of audiences:

  • Apple Watch
  • Android Wear
  • Pebble Owners (Falls into both)
  • Fitness Tracker

If you visit our site and you have an Android device, we can already assume that there is a high chance the Apple Watch will not interest you. Ideally we want to show content the user is interested in. Today there is a way to hide certain content by using the Categories muting feature to achieve some of this. We would be interested in extending this functionality to be able to personalize on implicit/explicit signals.

Anyone interested?

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How did you do the header topic slider and the other nice CSS changes? Site looks good!

Clicketyclick (searching really can produce some hits sometimes. :wink: )!


Hmm tricky you would need to ask at signup. Then edit the user’s category prefs on their behalf – muting everything but the one they want, I guess?

For now I would put up a banner with direct links to the relevant categories and encourage people to click through.

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