Pgbouncer vs pgpool II

Hi all,

I was wondering if any of you has experience with pgpool II instead of pgbouncer by using Discourse, and if so, what’s the feeling so far?

Do you, Team, consider it at some point and if so, why?


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pgpool II has no transaction pooling. Without transaction pooling it has extreme limited value in high scale hosting and would only add complexity.

On a standard “self hosted” Discourse you would be struggling to push 30-60 active connections and PG is not going to struggle with that. No need for a connection pooler to add complexity to your setup.


Many thanks Sam. Indeed, as you said for not many connections it might not make sense. Also, having transaction pooling into consideration there is only one winner in this case.

However, as far as I know, I saw pgbouncer does not offer HA, while pgpool II does. What about having a pgbouncer “in-front” of a pgpool to allow such feature? What’s the recommendation for a HA approach that fits well for Discourse?