Discourse High Availability

(jakimfett) #1

Has anyone played with a HAProxy/nginx/etc?

I could have sworn there was a how-to guide for a way to do distributed hosting, either via Docker or via multiple instances of Discourse all hitting a single high availability database server, but I can’t seem to find a guide for it.

Any thoughts? I’m currently serving a small single Discourse site, but am interested in learning as much as I can about scaling and load balancing of Discourse.

(jakimfett) #2

Found it, less than fifteen minutes after I posted. I’ll put any info on snags or clarifications that might be helpful into the conversation here.

(jakimfett) #3

The documentation is very fragmented. I’m going to attempt to pull it all together here.

Any chance I could get some input from @nx2zdk or @jspdng?

(jakimfett) #4

Info on avoiding port exposure:

Load balancing with nginx:

Enabling http2 on Debian:

Offline page setup: