Picking user @mention by user custom fields

Here is my business case to be clearer what will be great to accomplish.

In our company we have 40 branch offices connetcetd to our Discource.
Every branch office have around 8 specific generic roles.
For example:
Every branch office have HelpDesk role, InfoDesk Role , Manager Role, Support Role et cetera.

We already have user groups for branches and for roles.
But when I type my post,
I know that there is Manager at BihacBranceOffice but I can’t figure his name.
If I call @Managers group I’ll get 40 members, If I call @BihacBrancOffice ill get 12 members.

An idea is to make user field with generic convention BrnacOfficeRole also another one RoleBrancOffice.
That fields should be pickable in @DopNDownList
That will make more easy to comunicate.
Users can easly call specific roles.
If someone start typing @NameOfBrancOffice it can see all roles there.
Olaso if somoneo writes @roleName it will get list off all specific persons tehre.

I know that Discourse is focused on Human conversation, But from business perspective there is fluctuation in personal.
I can remember that @OneSpecificPersonWhitNameAndSurname is Manager at that Branch Office but business rules is perhaps going to change people and their roles over time, Helpdeskres goes to managers, Managers Cheng theri Brnec Offices ans so one.

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We use groups to organize our users into roles. Those we can then mention. We also use groups to define user titles which is quite nice and lets everyone immediately see where people are in the organization.

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We does it also
But I want to combine two groups
This is something like many to many relationships this be intermediate.

In such cases, simply invite the two groups.
I’ve often had to do that. And it’s so smooth and easy.
The flexibility is enhanced by the ever open option to still add individuals as you choose. For example, specific past players of roles etc

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