Pin topics only for specific groups?

Hey everyone,

I am wondering how can I hide the fixed topics in categories page and show them only for a specific group of users?

I’m not sure what you mean by ‘fixed topics in categories page’. Can you share a screenshot?


Hey @david thanks for your reply.

What I mean by fixed topics are these ones (maybe I did a mistake misspelling pinned topics by fixed)


You can unpin or unlist the topic. This can be done via the admin wrench :wrench:.

But the thing is that I want this pinned topic to be shown only for a specif user group. In my case only admins and a specif group should be allowed to see that pinned topic (for reference)

I missed this part. You can create a group that has permissions to see that group. Only users in that group can see that category.


Permissions are only supported at the category level - you can’t restrict things on a per-topic basis. I would suggest either using a group PM, or a separate secure category for ‘staff reference’ topics as @ondrej described.


Thank you both for all information shared. I was thinking about a different feature but as you mentioned it is better if I work on a different alternative.


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