Please Add draft features like reddit to make better!

This is my first post.
I found out about this Discourse at
Please be able to import and draft images (just like Reddit and Autodesk Forum) - New Site Feedback - Blender Artists Community

I find this Discourse to be the easiest and most streamlined site I’ve ever used.
But I posted it because I felt the drafting function was not excellent after trying reddit.
I posted it here because Discourse said I should ask them.
Please Add draft features like reddit to make better!

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There is no “save draft” button, your message will be saved every few seconds automatically to make sure you don’t lose anything if you navigate to a different page or hit the back button by accident. You will find it in /my/activity/drafts afterwards.

I can’t speak for the Discourse team but I think it is designed that way on purpose to encourage people to finish posting a reply instead of ending up with a big list of half-finished replies over time.

The way to start a new draft is just to click reply on a different message than the one you are working on, you should then see this message and be able to click the “no, save draft” button:

But maybe it would be safer if saving the draft was the default action. I usually just work on one post at a time so it hasn’t bothered me :slight_smile:


Have you taken a look at /my/drafts?

There is only one slot for a new-topic draft, which is mildly intentional because replies should be happening a lot more than new topics. You can use an external notes pad if you really want to keep multiple new topic drafts, or track these drafts as PMs to yourself.


This basically already exists as noted above ↑, so you’re gonna need to clarify what exactly you mean?

Hi! Thank you all for your replies.

Are the Post and reply the same? I find this specification to be inconvenient.
Save to Editor, but this does not save the category or tag files. It has to be set up each time.

Discourse is very easy to use and it would be more useful if it could save categories and tag files like Reddit.

There may be a way to automate these tasks by web scraping in Python or some other programming language, but I don’t know web scraping.
So I’m hoping that this feature will be available.