Disable "Open draft" button so I can always start a new topic

Hey, guys!

Can I disable the “Open draft” change on the “New topic” button? Sometimes I want to start a new topic and continue with the draft later, but the platform makes me edit the draft.



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Hey @Renato_Mendes

Any new topic or reply is auto-saved as your current draft, of which you can have only one. The only way to achieve this would be to destroy your current draft.

Sam explains why multiple drafts aren’t possible here:


You cannot have more than one draft.

There are some feature topics discussing the option to have more drafts

Another option is to write you draft as a messge to yourself, so you can copy the text later. You van even add your draft message to a personal section in the sidebar.


The obstacle there is that if you still have a ‘public’ draft you still can’t post the PM draft publicly until that other post has been published or deleted.

Why don’t you copy that draft to the message?

If you’re just going to juggle text around you could also use a text editor

Hey! Thanks for the answers!

That’s weird, because I currently have 4 ongoing drafts:


I understand this is a limitation of the mobile app (on my Android, it doesn’t allow me to start a new draft), but on the web it had been possible until yesterday. Maybe it has something to do with drafts of replies vs drafts of new topics? All my 4 drafts are of replies, actually.

That’s interesting. But it would really be great if it were possible for a user to have multiple drafts; this way, you’d be able to build your posts without hurry.

That’s it. You can’t draft multiple replies for the same topic, nor can you have multiple new topic drafts currently. The latter is being tracked on the topic linked above.


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