Please adopt my plugins?

About a year and a half ago, I was working on a Discourse instance for the company that I worked for, and in the process developed a couple of plugins that others have come to appreciate. Unfortunately, I’m no longer administering Discourse myself, so I have little interest in maintaining these plugins.

  1. Webhooks -
    I’ve received 18 stars on GitHub and several messages of thanks for this. I’m not sure if it still works, but no one has complained to me about it.
    Update: I guess this plugin will soon be obsolete, so nevermind it.

  2. LinkedIn Sharing Button -
    I received an issue today that this has stopped working. It looks like there’s a new plugin API and I no longer have access to the Sharing object? (Now it looks like I’d have to go and generate HTML+handlers myself for this button? That seems like a giant step back from calling Sharing.addSource.)

I’d hate for this functionality to just die, so if anyone wants to take over these projects, I’d be happy to have my repositories redirect people towards yours.


Looks pretty easy to implement at least in old plugin system It is just one file with few lines of code

Can we please someone to rewrite this to work whit new Plugin API
Thanks in advanced

Plugin LinkedIn Sharing Button in current version of discoruce returning error in console
The discourse/views/post object has been removed from Discourse and your plugin needs to be updated.

This is going into core with work from @fantasticfears I think.


This is true so the only one that needs adoption is the LinkedIn one.

The theme component to add an extra social button is now ready, even for Linkedin


Well good news @rcfox you predicted two things that we fully folded into Discourse core :tada: – please email us if we can hook you up with a Discourse t-shirt at least :wink: