Sharing community threads on LinkedIn

Is it possible (or are there any plans to add this option) to share community threads on LinkedIn?
By pressing the Share button, I can see the options for sharing on Facebook, Twitter, and via email, but nothing for sharing on LinkedIn:

Thank you!

You can add it with Social Share


Thank you for your help, @Moin! For some reason, I don’s see the icon, though. The new button looks empty:

Here is what I put into the social share links field:

LinkedIn, fab-linkedin, Share on LinkedIn,

I think you have to use fab-linkedin as the icon

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I received an error:

It looks like you may have deleted a slash, could you try adding a “/” after the .io?

No, it doesn’t work either.

For future reference, the error in this case was caused by the fact that the site setting allowed crawler user agents was enabled, effectively allowing crawling only to specific user agents, none of which included LinkedIn. Simply adding LinkedInBot to the setting allowed the theme component to work properly.


Notice added to the theme component guide.