Please help me to improve my forum design!

I am quite new to Discourse and I would like to know what you think of our new forum design:

It’s based on our current WordPress design:

I am open for feedback :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot!


This looks quite nice! It might make sense to show the categories on the top of the categories page? at the moment unless you scroll down /categories is almost identical to /latest


Thanks a lot for your suggestion and I’m glad you liked the design.

I was a little bit hesitant to use the categories at first as it’s bringing the forum activity down… would you suggest it to put the categories first and after that, the latest topics?


Maybe you can make the /latest page the homepage and categories becomes a secondary page with categories on top?

You can do this by changing the homepage style option on

(though if you’re liking the way it works now, then that’s fine! seems like a fairly minor thing)


I really liked your design.

One thing I would change is the layout of the category page. With the categories listed below the latest posts, the users have to scroll the page to see them.

I would use them on top as @awesomerobot suggested or like here on Meta with categories listed in a column and the latest posts in another. That would make both information visible at the same time.


Thanks, that actually makes sense. I now have developed a custom latest list above the category view, but I will consider changing that back to its default position. :slight_smile:

I would like to thank you too. I will consider changing this, as it makes more sense indeed.

Apart from the mapping, are there other improvements you’d have? :slight_smile:

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It is just a small quirk, but you’re missing some contrast in the text here.


Thanks! Added to my to do list :slight_smile:

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Hi @dnfoz,

It can be customized through CSS :slight_smile:


Here, we have done some customization to GitHub - discourse/discourse-meta-banner theme component

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By default, it’s just displayed to non-admin users who are less than tl3. I forked this component to make it usable as per my requirements.

No, the component was made just for meta so they have not released it, but if you want to use it and want to sponsor the work, I can help you out.

It’s this community :wink: :discourse:

It’s not a plugin, it’s a theme component :+1:

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you might not have added it to your theme or disabled it

Is Pandex your current active theme?

Sorry, but I don’t have a solution for this issue.

Fantastic ui. Maybe the font can cause eye strain if the reading time is longer.


Thanks, really appreciated! :slight_smile:

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Yes! Please consider changing the font type, it’s really hard to read.

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