Plugin Development Workflow

How have you setup your plugin development workflow?

I’m tinkering with some plugin development in a local docker dev environment. I d/boot_dev --init and can run my plugin. The issue is when I make a change to the plugin code, the only way I see my changes is to d/shutdown_dev then d/boot_dev --init again. That is painfully slow :sadpanda:

Is there a better way that speeds up my edit > test > edit again change cycle?

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Unfortunately not really. You could use a local install instead of the Docker development environment. There’s probably a tax on stopping/starting that container each time you make a change, where running the server locally just stops and starts the app. However, for many changes you make on the Rails side, you’re going to need to stop/start.

EmberJS changes, however, should just need a reload in the browser unless you’re adding/removing/renaming files.

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Oh you don’t need to stop the entire container.

Simply stopping and starting d/unicorn should get the new code going.

Additionally I would recommend just doing test driven dev where you can and then you can lean on d/rake autospec for you plugin code.