Plugin install statistics

So this is really cool:

I wonder, do @team collect any similar statistics for plugin installations? It would be really cool to know what are the most used plugins for Discourse. Right now the only real measure I can see is the number of posts on meta about the plugin - and that generally just means something has gone wrong with it :wink:

One example of a plugin that loads of people clearly use, but haven’t posted about much is the dropbox sync plugin (3rd topic in the “top” list of Meta for this year). It’s just recently got a lot of posts about it because it’s broken :laughing:.

If it’s not something you collect, is it something you’d be interested in adding to the existing version check pings?


Giant can of worms there, so not particularly interested in reopening it at this time.


From a technical perspective? Or a privacy perspective?

Well, you’d need to start with public page that lists the installed plugins. The value of such a page is pretty questionable to the outside world.

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Rather than a public page, I was thinking that a list of plugins could be attached to the payload currently sent to whenever updates are checked. So the info would only be available to the team, and could then be shared in an anonymised way with the public.

It’s a bit of a minefield from a privacy perspective, but I still think it would be cool (probably cos I’m not the one that would have to take responsibility for collecting the data :wink: ).

For political reasons, it has to be a public page. Sorry!