Discourse metrics

I know that if I want more details than the metrics offered by Discourse I need Google Analytics or Piwik… but before adding anything, I‘d like to understand the metrics offered in the Dashboard and About page.

I exported a list of users and the active users are 634

These are screengrabs of our forum taken seconds apart.


User Visits: Number of total visits by registered users?
New Users: New registrations
Topics: Number of new threads
Posts: Number of responses to threads


Topic: same as in the Dashboard: number of new threads
Posts: same as in Dashboard? Why is this nearly double as in Dashboard for the last 30 days?
Users: new registrations: new users in Dasboard
Active users: total number of active users that visited in the last 30 days?

Are these definitions correct?
Any ideas of why the Posts are different in both charts?

I must explain that we have migrated from another platform and this is why the total number of topics and posts are so high and 634 are new users and users that have come back from the old forum.

I have heard of a “Data Explorer” Plugin, is it still available and is ti worth installing or better use GA?


The definitions are correct – I’m not sure why you’re seeing that post count discrepancy – hopefully one of my colleagues can shed some light.

Yes the Data Explorer plugin is still available and it is well worth installing but it doesn’t replace GA – you use them in tandem. The plugin lets you query any data that we store in your Discourse database. GA will give you organic search data, user journeys, pageviews etc etc.

As an aside, we’re working on an upgrade of our admin dashboard which will give you more digestible data. All going to plan, that will launch with v2.0 early next year.

There are also paid 3rd party services available if you need more data – check out discoursemetrics.com and community-analytics.com


@neil was recently working on count discrepancies - perhaps something was missed?

Thank you guys! :+1:

Dashboard counts is Post.public_posts.where(post_type: Post.types[:regular]) while the /about post count is Post.where('created_at > ?', 30.days.ago).count. So those will be different for sure.


Could you explain the Dashboard posts please? i am not following this now.

the dashboard post count for the last 30 days (840) means … ?
and the About post count are the posts created less than 30 days ago (1.5k)

For example, a blind count of all posts would include PMs, status messages in topics like “closed by”, etcetera.

and then I take that the Post.types[:regular] are the topics and their posts only?