Plugin Installation and Some Customization

What would you like done?

Two things:

  1. Installation of this plugin

  2. Customize Souncloud music player to have a pause, play and shuffle button.

When do you need it done?

Oct 18th is when I need it done, so looking to hire by end of the month

What is your budget, in $ USD that you can offer for this task?


If you are interested, please send me a message that includes some of your previous work and how long it would take you to complete.


The plugin you listed… I could be wrong but looks like last activity was 3 years ago?

With Schedule reply what are you looking to do?

Have you looked at this theme component? will it do what you need?

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If that theme component, or the existing Discourse Soundcloud onebox doesn’t meet the requirements, Soundcloud has an API and a Javascript API wrapper that looks interesting: API - Wrappers - SoundCloud Developers. I don’t think requests to get or play public tracks require authentication, so it should be possible to use the API in a theme component. The Discourse site owner would need to register an app on Soundcloud to generate a client id.

I’m interested in this, but probably won’t have time to create a Soundcloud theme component in the near future, so I’m just leaving this information for others.

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Thanks for your input Simon. Regarding the SoundCloud player, I should clarify the SoundCloud Theme Component has already been created. I need someone to just add some modifications (e.g music player icon including play and pause buttons and shuffle). I don’t mind how it’s done a long as it works.


One suggestion would be to reach out to the theme-component author as a feature request.

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