Plugin not loaded when route not found

Whenever I start Discourse on an unknown route (such as where zzz is a tag that doesn’t exist), my plugin doesn’t load. Is this the intended behavior? If it is, is there something I can do so that my plugin is always loaded?

The error page is a plain HTML page, we don’t load the Javascript app there, so no Ember, JQuery, plugins, etc.


Thanks @Falco.

I’ve just discovered that is is not as simple as initially noticed.

This is what I get on my Discourse dev instance:

  • For an URL that doesn’t match any route, I get the rail “routing error” page (like this one) and my plugin is not loaded.
  • For where zzz is a non-existent tag, I get the Oops Discourse page and my plugin is not loaded.
  • For I also get the Oops Discourse page, but my plugin is loaded.

Does it look like the intended behavior or should I worry about my Discourse dev instance?