Plugin Request: Website Thumbnail Previewer

I’d LOVE a website thumbnail preview plugin, similar to what Slack does, when someone posts a URL. As an example, here is what Slack does:

Would it be possible for someone to create something like this or does it not fall into the architecture?

I think you’re talking about oneboxing. If the site supports it, we get a pretty summary as in your screenshot. Like below. To get this effect, put the URL on its own with a blank line above and below.


Well, from his words, he wants something that will make a thumbnail of the site itself, which I think would be pretty cool (for sites that don’t do oneboxes?). From his example, he wants a onebox.

I dunno, the difference between this (screenshot of a website) and the existing oneboxing based on opengraph and oembed tags is pretty slim.

I guess you would only do it if the target site has no opengraph or oembed tags, but even then, is a tiny screenshot of the website really that useful or interesting? I would say no…