Plugin: Smart badge nominations based on Flags

Continuing the discussion from What is the most awesome plugin for Discourse, that does not yet exist?:

I would like to see a nomination plugin for badges, which could easily be extended to encompass Trust Level 3/4 nominations as well.

The nominations system could piggyback the Flags system, except of course if a user racks up a bunch of nominations, that’s A Good Thing. And the nomination button would live somewhere like the profile pop-up rather than in the flags menu.

The “smart” aspect of it would be that the system would show a pop-up suggesting maybe you’d want to nominate ThisPerson, based on certain triggers:

  • You’ve liked 5 posts of the same person.
  • You’ve favorited 3 posts of the same person.
  • You’ve replied to the person 10 times.
  • You’re tracking 10 of that person’s topics.