Plugin to embed pdfs in a static page

Hello friends,

I need a plugin can create a static page, embed pdfs file which are i uploaded in a post in this static page and change uploaded file link via this static page link in the post.

  • statics pages should be responsive.

  • main menu ( below image ) should be shown while browsing this static page.

  • adsense ads can be added to this page.

I am waiting your offers. Thank you in advance.

Hey @ufukayyildiz,

Thanks for your request.

To give you a proper quote, I need to have a sense of:

  1. Where this page will be in Discourse? i.e. will it be associated with a topic, stand alone, associated with a user, or something else?

  2. If you want any pdf attached to any post to automatically have its own page?

  3. Give an example, ideally with screenshots, of how this works in a specific case.

  4. What your budget is for this work?

The last question, i.e. your budget, is not so I can give you a different price depending on how much money you have. Our prices and how we determine a quote is the same for every client, and is all publicly available: How we charge clients - Knowledge - Pavilion.

This is so the job can be properly scoped to your needs. For example, if you have a $5k budget for this we can make a very comprehensive solution, with seperate routes and links and all the trimmings. Or if you only have a few hundred $, it may not be possible, subject to your answers to the above questions.


Thank you for your answer. Required budget is high for me. Thank you.

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