Plugin to rewrite external links on new posts

I want a plugin that will intercept all new (and modify existing post too) topic/post and rewrite external URL to something like following” —> “

The end goal here is to make all external links go through my domain (I will write script on abc123 for the redirect, that is not part of this job).

There are no existing posts on the forum, so only it does not need to any find-replace, only listen to new changes.

If the same functionality can be achieved through an adopted theme, that’s fine with me too.

Please post your offer below, I will PM you then.

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You’ll have better luck if you provide a budget.

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Discourse does link tracking. Depending on they you’re trying to accomplish, a plugin that does wherever you’re trying to do if probably a better idea.

If you don’t have a budget, developers don’t know whether it’s worth the time to respond.

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Thanks. I am trying to send all traffic through a custom script, so I can append affiliate parameters wherever applicable and redirect other domains as they are.

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