Plugin to send 'private' SMS or Instant Messages from Categories

Plugin to send ‘private’ SMS or Instant Messages from Categories to ‘outsiders’

Sorry, I am not following, can you elaborate with an example?

There is already the Invite button on this topic, wherein I can send a one-click join invitation to anyone inviting them to participate in this topic…

Many thanks Jeff,
The invite, I infer, can be sent to anyone who does NOT have a username and password.
In reverse can someone with or without a username and password send a Private Message to a specific individual who is a user but is in charge managing a category and activities associated with it. A dumb example may be, if we had an ice cream stand category and someone wanted to message the ice cream stand and pre-order something. Thanks again, John


:warning: this plugin is just a proof of concept that I developed in 2016. It should not be installed on production sites.

For sending SMS messages, if you are willing to use, and pay for, twilio, it is quite easy to integrate with Discourse using the twilio-ruby gem. Here’s an example plugin that replaces email with SMS messages for users who have supplied a mobile number.
This hasn’t been tested on the most recent version of Discourse.