Plugin to send 'private' SMS or Instant Messages from Categories

(John Redding) #1

Plugin to send ‘private’ SMS or Instant Messages from Categories to ‘outsiders’

(Jeff Atwood) #2

Sorry, I am not following, can you elaborate with an example?

There is already the Invite button on this topic, wherein I can send a one-click join invitation to anyone inviting them to participate in this topic…

(John Redding) #3

Many thanks Jeff,
The invite, I infer, can be sent to anyone who does NOT have a username and password.
In reverse can someone with or without a username and password send a Private Message to a specific individual who is a user but is in charge managing a category and activities associated with it. A dumb example may be, if we had an ice cream stand category and someone wanted to message the ice cream stand and pre-order something. Thanks again, John

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(Simon Cossar) #5

For sending SMS messages, if you are willing to use, and pay for, twilio, it is quite easy to integrate with Discourse using the twilio-ruby gem. Here’s an example plugin that replaces email with SMS messages for users who have supplied a mobile number.

This hasn’t been tested on the most recent version of Discourse.

Twilio - for SMS notifications to users - Anyone Else Interested?