Twilio - for SMS notifications to users - Anyone Else Interested?

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Has anyone tried this yet?

I’m really interested in this as a way to improve user engagement in our forums. I am very concerned about the fact that the vast majority of our users are on Gmail (which filters our forum notifications into the rarely-reviewed bucket of “forum” messages,and Most of our users are in their 20s and so tend to use texting over email, - so I don’t think most of our users ever really get any notifications.

I’d love to have an interface / mechanism to send very occasional notifications (you don’t want to flood your users with notifications as we do with email) and have a cap on it also for cost reasons (since you’re paying Twilio/SMS gateway fees).

Anyone else out there doing this, or have a recognized need for this?


I have implemented this for one of my Discourse instances as a simple hacky proof-of-concept, just using Discourse webhooks, Zapier, and Twilio.

I’m starting now to think about ways to build on this and create a SMS Discourse plugin, some particular challenges include how to manage and prevent spam, and misuse, and notification rate limiting. But it’s interesting and doable.



Would love to see SMS support for account activation and authentication/password resets.

Could include invites and shares as option if ok with that added expense of users generating those messages.

Other notifications could be pushed via the mobile app. So basically kill email; doesn’t scale.

Nextdoor seems to support SMS well, but it’s a heavily ad supported or paid/sponsored platform.

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I’d like to see it also for periodic summary notifications - to try to pull people back to the forum. I suspect most users are like me - using gmail for email, and not frequently checking their “forum” category that gmail sorts the email into.

I think an SMS system would be much better at pulling users back to the forum.


Pulled from mothballs. Any traction on this?

Well, there’s this:


I have a simple Sinatra-based webhook responder here which I use to send SMS in response to posts in a specific ‘alerting’ Category. It’s nothing fancy but it’s been working for 2 years without problems. We use a different script running on the Heroku Scheduler to test the alerting function once weekly.

The twilio-notifications repo linked in the preceding post is much more like what I would write if I was doing it again now. It would be good to have a configurable Twilio plugin, with both Admin interface for setup and User interface for opt-in/out of SMS notifications. If there is interest in developing this then perhaps a couple of customers could pool resources.