Plugins admin section is shown to moderators

Moderators see a PLUGINS menu item in admin, but there is nothing for them to do there. They can see the plugins installed and click to learn about them on github, but if they click the “change settings” button everything disappears. On my site moderators don’t care about and are better shielded from this level of techie information, so better to not display PLUGINS menu item to moderators at all.

While you’re at it, please also hide error log menu item from moderators. When they click through to they do not have access anyway and get a “The page you requested doesn’t exist or is private.” error.

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Any staff can handle an Akismet spam report so Plugins does in fact need to show to mods, other plugins could be mod friendly as well. I will confirm with @eviltrout.

I agree on logs we should suppress that @techapj can you suppress logs link for non admins?

I’ve deployed a couple of fixes for this. One to the akismet plugin to remove the settings link for staff, and one to discourse master to remove the link to error logs for staff.